Remarkably distinguishable from an ice princess, this was the title her subjects lovingly bestowed on Queen Astrid of Belgium. Originally a tiny, ravishing Swedish Princess, she was born on frosty November 17th, 1905.

She married Prince Leopold of Belgium on November 10th, 1926. The winter followed her everywhere. Despite the precedence for arranged marriages amongst royals, Leopold's mother, Queen Elisabeth - incorrigible romantic that she was, insisted in saying "It is a marriage of love...tell it to our people. Nothing was arranged. Not a single political consideration prevailed in our son's decision."

On August 29, 1935, the recently crowned monarchs left their villa for a last fateful climb in the mountains of Belgium. Suddenly, before arriving at the village of Kussnacht-am-Rigi, Astrid pointed out something to her husband. Leopold took his eyesight away from the road for an instant. Suddenly, the car plunged down a ravine. Queen Astrid was violently ejected from the automobile. Her body lay on the snowy grass near the wreckage. Claimed by the white ground, my Snow Princess was dead.