Whoever wins the NHL Finals gets the Stanley Cup and their names engraved on the cup. Every player and coach is given one or two days with the Stanley Cup during which he can do whatever he wants with it. The Cup has Several Honor Guards who go wherever the cup goes and protect the cup with their lives, not to mention they keep the cup polished and well maintained. Ed Belfour (Stars goalie, won in 1999) took the Stanley Cup to the Tilt-o-Whirl at a themepark, as displayed in a Stanley Cup commercial, where he's screaming "Faster, Faster!" And the Honor Guards are muttering "Oh, god." With the Stanley Cup comically tucked in with a seat belt.

Mike Modano (Stars forward, won in 1999) had his picture taken with the Stanley Cup and his family, during which, his child beats on the cup with a hockey stick and screams 'DADDY YOU LOVE IT MORE THAN ME'.

There is a moratorium on drinking from the cup: If your name is not on the Stanley Cup, you may not drink from it (unless of course it's okay with someone whose name is on the cup.)