Shanoyu presents...

Shanoyu Style Tabasco Udon Noodle Soup


One packet of Udon Noodles (I use the Cellophane wrapped kind, but most likely any will do, feel free to yell at me if the dried or fresh noodles dont work.)
A goodly amount of Chicken Stock or Bouillon
Chopped Mushrooms

Start with 4 cups of water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, add roughly 4 table spoons of chicken stock, (or about 5 bouillon cubes), stir in, you'll get alot of bubbles as the stock assimilates into the broth. As you stir it, eventually it will get to a brown opaque, yet somewhat clear broth, don't worry if it's not looking perfect, you'll figure out how it should look eventually. Now it's time to open the Tabasco. You'll want to put a few drops in, taste the broth, and repeat until there is enough Tabasco so that you can taste the Tabasco within the broth and you can distinctly notice the presence of both the Tabasco and the Chicken Stock. Now, add the mushrooms. Add as many as you like (within the bounds of sanity, anyway!), live it up! Now Stir! Stir like you've never stirred mushrooms in Tabasco Chicken Broth before ! That is, carefully. Now, finally, and carefully, add the Udon Noodles. When adding the noodles and determining how many noodles you will add, you must take several things into account. First, that the noodles will absorb a good amount of the broth, second, that you want there to be enough broth for your soup to be a soup and not a stew or merely hot noodles with mushrooms. So, if you fill your pot about half way with noodles, you should be allright. Of course, mileage may vary.
Addendum, if you want to smack it up another blotch, you can add the stalks of Green Onions, Chives, and parsely right after you add the Udon noodles to the pot. If you want EXTRA SODIUM I suggest adding Garlic salt instead of normal salt.