I got a job today.

It was totally unexpected, and not really even a job yet. I still have to do some training at which point this manager type will figure out for herself if i'm cut out for this or not.

I'll be a waiter at the wonderful cafe in Rainbow Grocery, prospectively. I had a job interview and she more or less gave me the job because she thought I was just, 'chilling'. Not what I had expected at all. She gave me some forms to fill out and told me that i'd have a shift for training on Saturday from 11-4.

Of course this brings up a whole lot of problems.

Do I have the time to work a job in addition to school and still make good grades?

Do I have the ability to work with people in a setting such as a waiter?

Will I get enough money to buy all the episodes of Cowboy Bebop in a month?

Can I work 3 days a week every week on top of my school schedule?

Obviously if the answer to 2 or more of these are no then i'll be forced to quit the job, so i'm not going to worry about it. Worst case scenario I have a classic shanoyu style explosion, but i'm going to try to avoid that since according to this nice little new employee guide that would be a 'terminal offense'. =)

I wish I had time to play medievia. I really miss it, and now I have the oppourtunity to play with people I know IN REAL LIFE, but school and the ever problematic money-job problem (I need money therefore I need a job, I need free time therefore I need to be unemployed.) stand in the way.

Tommorow i'm going to go to the Emory library and do some research for a position paper that could be quite difficult. How Democratic Colonial America? It sounds simple, but it's really not. It would be lazy and not deserving of even a grade to do a paper about how they didn't let black people or indians vote and therefore were undemocratic. However e2 has managed to make me an excellent essayist, (even if it hasn't helped my grammar or spelling one iota, assuming thats how you spell iota) and i'm sure i'll do fine if I just figure out what I can use for sources and a working thesis.

This girl who I sit with at lunch, Shara, she is really annoying. She jokes but i'm not sure if shes joking sometimes. Like yesterday she accused me of hating women because she felt I had deep seeded issues with my mother. She believes that i'm one of those people who has to be right all the time. Today while I was talking to her she was talking about how I must not like her because of the fact that I looked at her. Tommorow I will point out that looking at someone you are talking to is in fact a very natural and polite thing to do. I'm trying to convince her that I don't hate women but that I just have a sort of loathing for humanity in general.

Random nonsensical malypropistic Shanoyuism for the day:

If you don't eat your peas with honey, how will you keep them on your knife?!