Ocassionaly, I have a good day. I'm not yet sure if today was good yet.

My school gave 3 week progress reports today. At least I have A's in all my classes. I have a 90% in 9th lit, 113% in 11th lit, 97% in Algebra 2, and 105.3% in AP US History. The only grade I am really pumped about is the AP US History grade.

Normally when you get a high grade on the first report it is merely a sign that the teacher has been lazy and refused to grade work he or she assigned during the period, for instance the class I got a 113% in doesn't include the fact that I probably failed a quiz with everyone else on the same day, or the persuasive essay for building a colony I wrote, or the group project on colonies we did.

However, in AP US History, having greater than 100% at any time is a big deal. Everyone in there is smart. Out of 46 or so people taking the class this year, there are maybe 3 who might really be in over their heads. Okay so maybe a slim majority of them aren't exactly great arguments for The children are our future, but still, they are all really smart people. I think I had the highest grade in the class from either period, most people pulled somewhere from a 80-93%. There were 4 grades on the report, 10 bonus points for turning in the parent letter, (The only extra credit hes going to give us all year.) 30/30 free points just for turning in what was secretly a practice essay on how and why the Chesapeake and New England regions developed into distinct cultures. The major, in fact only diffrence, was the Unit one test. It was composed of an essay and a Multiple choice test. I made a 47/50 on the multiple choice test, most people made between a 30 to a 40 after adjustment, but that still wasn't as good as that guy who sits across from me who made a 48/50. Bastard! The diffrence maker within the test was the essay section. As many of you will wonder, no, he did not take off points for mispellings and grammatical errors. The question regarded the aspirations of the founders of the Puritan settlements in North America and to what extent those were fulfilled in the 17th century. Out of 46 or so people, I was one of two, and one of one in my period, to make a 9/9 on the essay. For some reason, this fills me with joy and happiness. The guy who sits across from me got a 6. Take that, Bastard!

I have a job interview tommorow. I need money, therefore I need a job. The job in question is working as a waiter at Rainbow Grocery in the little cafe. I am ashamed to admit that my personal appearance is very likely not quite up to snuff. However you never know unless you try. I mean it's not like i'm serving food to astrocrats or anything.