I spent the beginning of my day at Panera Bread (Formerly known as St. Louis Bread Company working with my AP US History discussion group.

For the second day in a row, because I am a coward who only gets what is safe, I ordered the italian combo. Their sandwiches have more meat than any other place i've been in my memory. That said it is not the most condusive enviornment to getting work done, despite this pirticular resturants proximity to Emory University. While the conversations amongst the 5 of us were generally productive about our topic (Was colonial American culture unique?), we did manage to get into some really weird conversations on accident, like someones Singing message machine greeting, and what the color and smell of your urine means.

But after only 3 hours, we kind of got a bunch done... kind of.

My week is really piling up. Tommorow I get to do the presentation for which we were meeting, wensday I have a job interview at Rainbow Grocery, thursday i'll be working my butt off to make up lost time in AP US History, and friday my day will be dominated by sweet, sweet sleep.

I probably wouldn't need so much damn sleep if I just quit smoking.

Today however, I must demonstrate my knowledge of expressions of linear equations on an algebra 2 worksheet, then panic at 3am over the presentation which is due tommorow, which, quite frankly, is looking to really, really suck ass.