It's Sunday on Labor Day Weekend which means that the day really starts at 9am, however I slept an hour late anyway.

I have work to do today, as it seems I do everyday. There are no longer any days when no work comes my way.

Today I hope to assemble a group of 5 persons at Panera Bread from my AP US History class, and discuss whether or not Colonial American Culture was unique, that is to say, not european.

As I go outside to observe the world, I observe the rain drops in cascading from the parking garage roof, the large tears of runoff contrasting with the comparitively gentle mist of that which is direct from the sky.

Oh misery, oh despair, i'm turning british.

Speaking of turning british, did the colonies turn 'american'?

I have to read the Taking Sides book still because I am a horrible hypocrite who spends his time cavorting with evil and cruel databases. Who is Gary B. Nash, why is his opinion more important than anyone elses? How can one essay accurately and completely describe the 'yes' side to an argument?

I suppose the answer is that it cannot, but that is the situation because this is a matter for a book of essays, not a chapter.

As it could be with any issue regarding the many and varied questions of history.

I should shower. Wash away the dirt and filth. Cleaner is better, even if it's just because the pretty faces on the television set make me think so.

I have no time for crosswords, I have no time for filth, I cannot stop to think, for I have too much thinking to do this week.