Today will be looked at as a crossroads in history. However I do not have the arrogance nor the disrespect nor the composure to attempt to make a more detailed analysis of what exactly this day means in respect to history at this time. Instead I seek to comment on much more visible things. I apologise for any grammatical or spelling errors in this possibly muddled log.

Today, great men who lived became heroes, great men who died became legends.

Four flights were hijacked. 3 crashed into their respective targets. One did not.

This plane crashed into the middle of a unpopulated area. It appears to have been an intentional act of a pilot who was being hijacked and knew what was transpiring. Supposedly his plane was hijacked to attack Camp David. This was not necessarily the target. This man, this legend, whos name is as of yet unknown should rightfully be considered one of the great heroes of this day. He was not afraid to confront his own mortality, and he may have saved thousands of lives through this act. We may never know just who will continue to sit at dinner tables with their families because of this man, but suffice it to say that it is one of the great actions that speak to the character of great men.

Thousands of people died today. It is not necessary to say that the men who did this committed a horrible act against humanity. It is not necessary to say that the spirit of the United States was wounded as a result. It is not necessary to say such things, because we will never forget them.

My grandfather, Richard Tague Eltzroth, died at 2:51am of Heart Failure. He served in the european theater of World War II and fought in many of the major battles, including the Battle of the Bulge. He worked in the Intelligence division of the US Army for quite some time. He was a proud American, and a patriot, and I am thankful he died before seeing or hearing of the horrors that unfolded this day. In the space of 12 hours, I have become much more religious.

The United States remains one nation, grieving, but not destroyed.

Symbols of our country were not destroyed. There will be another World Trade Center. The Pentagon will be rebuilt. The Twin Towers may change in our hearts to represent something of a feeling of revenge, but although the structure itself no longer exists, the symbol remains.

Thousands of New Yorkers flocked to the collapsed wreckage of the buildings in order to help do whatever it was that needed doing. New Yorkers have soundly defeated the notion that New Yorkers are cruel and uncaring invidualistic people. Nobody living now will really have that perception again. People became heroes, people became legends. We will all have a favorite story of an example of heroism from this event.

This event was unique in that it was the first time we saw on live television, right before our eyes, an attack on everyone who is American or has respect for the United States. As I watched the first fire live I noted that there was another plane crash in the skyline of New York some years ago, on the Empire State Building. Circia 1946 or so, although I do not have an exact date in my recollection, the Empire State Building withstood the colission of a propeller driven war plane.

The next plane collided with the until then undamaged tower. It was live, although I could not believe what had just transpired. I must be watching video tape, I thought. Surely this could not be live television. But it was live, and I was a witness to the murder of thousands. And upon this realisation, I cried.

As the Twin Towers burned and began to collapse I witnessed the aftermath of the attack at The Pentagon. We were a nation under seige. We didn't have the knowledge that the fourth hijacked plane had or would crash in so more merciful a manner than these others. The Pentagon is often called by its inhabitants as the Puzzle Palace. And it is likely that there would be some people in the wing of the building that was hit who would not have an easy exit in the event of such an emergency, due to the nature of its secret rooms and its maze like corridors. Not without reason mind you, this is a good way to protect national secrets, even if it doesn't afford a great deal of protection from hellfire from the sky.

America remains on hold. All sporting events, all entertainment production, the country itself is on hold.

Today, it bears repeating, we have witnessed one of the most important moments in the life of the United States, indeed the flow of history in the world.

However in the aftermath of all of this we must keep in mind that there is a difference between the terrorists who did this and great men. Great men do not, and will not threaten Arabs or any other nationality or ethnicity of people based simply on assumption. Great men will not tear up the constitution for the sake of protection. Great men will not kill needlessly. Great men will prevail.