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Bend Over, assume the position. Stop that, turn around. What are you doing with that Pencil? Thats a weapon. This is unacceptable. Stop grooming yourself. No you may not use the bathroom. Get back on school property. What do you mean no? You can get on school property or you can get in a police car. Stop that. What are you doing with those clothes? Thats a weapon. Do you want to get shipped to an alternative school? You can shape up or ship out mister. School is fun, really, after all, if you weren't in school, what would you be doing? Stop being insubordinate. Of course you'd be doing something else, I didn't mean it like that. Bend over, assume the position. How could you write that? I have no choice but to give you in school suspension. Are you trying to degrade women with that Trenchcoat? I think you're on drugs. Piss into this cup. Breathe into this tube. Give me a locket of your hair. Now. Aha, you've tested positive for Caffiene. We're forcing you to go to a drug program. You will no longer be allowed to bring a lunch to school. How did you know that we get the same food the prison system gets? Cool, isn't it? You aren't allowed to say that. Did you know we can take a spinal tap whenever we want? Stop looking at her. We'll put a blindfold on you if you don't. Oh, you've discovered the big secret, have you? No, school doesn't educate you in anything except caste and obedience. You're right about that. But now that you've discovered that, we have to ship you to juvenile hall. Isn't it great that we don't have to give you fourth amendment rights? Enjoy the rest of your life in jail for speaking truth to power, anarchist. Nothing personal, you see. But we have to protect our society.