Also, should a math scholar ever tell you that the better solution is three straight lines, hit him in the face. Never the less, the argument is that a line can be reduced to an infinitely small width in porportion to the dots and thus three lines (all diagonal to the straight lines the dots would create) can touch all nine dots. Point is; Math is rather silly unless you restrict the range of answers to the task to that which is immediately possible and therefore useful. I suppose I could create a gigantic nine dot puzzle using dots the size of bacteria and ask you to create 3 ridiculiously small lines. But what is really the point of that? By the same token, I could just take a gigantic paintbrush the width of the three points put together and using ONE line, connect them all! In sum, when thinking 'outside the box', don't think outside of reality if you plan on doing anything useful. Though obvious, one may find in his or her travels that the majority of people who think 'outside of the box' have defined that box as reality, and are therefore useless.