Hate to break it to you buddy but our system almost is that of a monarchy already.

The new president will be either Bush or Gore, two people from established political familes, GWB being the son of President George Bush Sr., and Al Gore being the son of Al Gore Sr., hell, political families are everywhere, The Kennedys would have had two presidents had it not been for the assassination of Robert, who was pretty much going to be the heir apparent when he was assassinated.

The Tafts are a forth generation family of Supreme Court Justices who were presidents, governors, and representatives.

And please don't get me started on The Rockefellers. I hope they are done with the whole public service thing, no offense ment to the philanthropical members of the current crop.

Our republic works oddly like a monarchy, our future determined by the popularity, (as opposed to ideals/morals/issues), age, and lottery of births and deaths which caused England so many god damn problems with things like The Reformation. (Unfortunately, we have Roe V. Wade as a substitute for that little holy war.)

The main diffrence between the old system of Monarchs in England and ours is that we don't use the chopping block as a term limit, and frankly I wish we kept the good parts of the system. ;)

As for Divine Wino's observation that the Revolutionary war was about not having a Bad King as opposed to having a King at all, he is absoloutely correct. This led to a titanic struggle for independence within the government and our nation to prevent (or cause) our nation from turning into a Monarchy around the time of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson's rather contradictory terms in office and the enactments of the Alien and Sedition Acts. If you are intrested in that sort of thing I strongly recommend reading American Aurora by Richard N. Rosenfeld. If you think our current problems are bad, just read about the elections around this time, where Jefferson was accused of attempting to turn us into a nation of devil worshipping unitarians, Washington was vilifed to the point where he quit after his second term, and Adams was generally accused of attempting to create an American Monarchy by his enemies, amongst other strange battles.