I broke my (main) computer today, thus reducing it to a bulky paperweight.

I did this by upgrading to the wondermus Redhat 7.1. For some idiotic reason I thought that if I used the upgrade function that the installer wouldn't override my settings and things that it needed to run the computer, but it did anyway.

ppp? Kapow. Monitor? Pretty grainy now, hell it's monochrome half the time. That means I can't even use it to look at the porn i've downloaded.

At least I can still node from my dreamcast.

Heh yeah right. Anyway this means i'll probably be gone for some time if I ever return at all from such a failure of my computer. It's true what they say about Linux is Free only if your time has no value, well it's also not free if your computer has any value based on it's ability to wreck things. Granted it has some capabilities that most operating systems just don't have, and obviously it's wisest to run servers on linux, but the inability for me to install a piece of software for the past year and a half without breaking sixteen things leaves me pretty non-plussed. I guess if I ever want to use my computer again i'll have to spend a paycheck on Windows 98 (it's not fast enough to run ME or XP, so I probably wont even be able to buy that, haha.)

That said maybe i'll figure out what problems I have created by being stupid enough to try and install a new version again. I think computers just don't like me. Historically I have problems with them that nobody else does. There have been instances where literally I would type in one thing, and something would crash, and my friend would do the exact same thing and it would work fine. (Then of course he would call me an idiot.)

If I never have the urge to buy a computer again (or fix the various pieces of shit I have) keep it real and i'll see ya later.