It's just another day in the life.

I'm not happy with my ability to do work in school. Of course it doesn't help that i'm sick like a freaking, um, thing thats, uh.. sick! I have a sore throat that feels like I need to cough something up but when I try to cough it feels like that something is actually a piece of my throat. This can't be good. Last night I had horrible gas and bloating and well my bowels were just not being nice to me.

Everything seems to be catching up with me, both big and small e. It seems saige has become 2.oldbie that has applied for a mentor. I don't know what to think about this new and exciting trend. I think i'll just ignore such things from the comfort of my <room>Sanctuary. </room>

I am slightly convinced that one of our noders is secretly the reincarnation of Kate Chopin. See if you can guess who.

I thought I would have more to say but i've pretty much noded the sum of my life in the past few day logs, let me think if I can think of anything else.




Okay well some random musings,

Who needs cloak user when you have create room?
People will never appreciate your pipelinking.
Nothing goes anywhere ever, the universe is merely an assortment of misplaced objects.
You shouldn't smoke too much if you have a sore throat.
Anarchy Online is not beloved. Not in the least.
I will buy a new computer just to play Morrowind
Graphing Calculators are the weapons of the weak.
Free food makes fast friends.