I am Shanoyu's constipated bowels.

Not really, I am merely trying to placate them today.

I am sick with something. I have a sore throat, a stomachache that feels like a dagger in my belly, and a case of constipation and diarea(sp?) that makes me feel like an armed member of the Chinese Food Liberation Army planted a bomb in my rectum to punish me for my abuse of the Hunan Beef.

I got my 2nd and last paycheck from Rainbow foods today. It's a shame I wasn't going to do well there because it was, in so far as jobs that can be attained for a 17 year old loser such as myself, a really good job. $7 an hour washing dishes and getting 25+ hours a week for whatever reason seems to be a miracle in our suck ass economy. Getting my own paycheck still felt good though. That never happened to me before. Everything was charity from my parents or someone else. Ah well.

I am far, far, far behind in school, I missed 3 days over the past week and a half. I am still sick. I don't want to miss another day of school. I hate the idiots in my attendence office and honestly I never want to go near them again. Okay thats not true, theres only one idiot and the main secretary is actually a nice person who doesn't really know it when shes being a mean secretary, (she thinks shes doing the right thing, granted she can be wrong a lot, but you can't fault her for trying, I guess.) However the other secretary is a mean disciplinarian (her job title) who has already lost all her credit with me, and shes only worked at school for like a month. One day when comming in to get an excused note during lunch she asked me to open up my trenchcoat, which is all fine and well, it was right after 9/11, and we can all be a little paranoid. However the comment she made in addition, "You looked like you were going to kill people." set off a quiet, unyeilding anger within me, and long story short, we have an unwritten agreement that I don't talk to her and she doesn't talk to me. Isn't it great what you can achieve when everyone works togeather?

I'm not going to be able to get a hell of a lot of sleep tonight, which is good in a way because i'm behind on my studies and I need to work on them. I need to figure out what Jefferson believed insofar as foreign policy within the Washington cabinet. I need to learn a great deal about Algebra 2 and Systems of Quadratic Equations. (God, I hate radicals in math.)

My new mentor has been very helpful. Heck, she even likes Ernest Hemingway. Isn't that just bizzare? (don't get me wrong I find that wonderful) Okay well maybe it wont seem bizzare. But in my mind I have created a large, encompassing, generalization that women do not like Hemingway as a general rule. I base this theory on a) women who have actually HEARD of Hemingway b) women who can actually mention a story. Unfortunately this usually limits me to women in the teaching profession, which defeats my original assumption, that most women do not like Hemingway. However it creates the generalization in my mind that the vast majority of people have no idea that there is even such a thing as literature.