11:46pm, previous day (tired)
Today I am going to The School's homecomming dance. I'm going with a girl named Amelia, who I don't know very well but seems like a pretty cool person. I was hooked up with her by a semi-friend of mine who I also don't know incredibly well named Nicole. Oddly enough i've been getting those weird psychic vibes and stuff about this.

1. Astrologically, my Venus is square to my Uranus. Apparently this is a good thing meaning a chance encounter and a long relationship, or something crazy like that.

2. I bought a perl book today, O'Reilly's Programming Perl. And the first two examples in the book that I saw involved the names Jacob (my name), and Amelia. Scary.

3. She was going to ask me out if I didn't ask her. Triple Scary.

I think today is shaping up to be a good day. Granted, After I do all of this homecomming stuff tommorow I get to worry about quickly writing an essay about the play Ourtown. But I can bs my way thru that easily, I think.

In other news,

Everything should pass 20,000 users today!