To Observe a Murder...

Life is a dirty game. Everyone is sick in some aspect. I'm sick, you're sick, the world is sick. Today I viewed the murder of Daniel Pearl. If you're smart enough to type in his name in google, you can find it, but I wont give you the direct source. The tape of the murder itself is very brief. The video promotes the end of US policies and makes demands of the United States. It does this by using Daniel Pearls own words.

1. It is established that he is Jewish. Very Jewish. Jewish enough to visit Israel "numerous times" and have a street there named after his great grandfather.
2. He states that these are the sort of problems (kidnapping, murder in foreign countries) americans are going to have to face as long as "US Policy is the way it is."
3. He feels remorseful (probably at the point of a gun) about the presence of US Soldiers in Afghanistan.
4. Murder. Knife. Blood. Beheading. Head held up for the camera like a trolphy. You can feel the testosterone fly through the monitor. All I sense welling up within me is deep rage.
5. Organizations name: National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistan Sovereignty (NMRPS)
6. They still demand the following.
  • Release of those at Camp X-Ray.
  • Immediate end of US Presence in Pakistan.
  • The dilevery of F-16 planes that Pakistan paid for and never receieved.
  • "We assure Americans that they will never be safe on the Muslim land of Pakistan."
  • "And if our demands are not met this scene shall be repeated again and again..."

    Alea lacta est, as they say. Is it possible to have peace with someone who finds your existence an affront to their own? I know that the Arab world and the West are on a colission course towards war that cannot be stopped by either side. I can only think of the likelyhood that one day, I will be drafted and asked to kill Arabs, to live with incurable racial predjudices like those who fought in wars gone by.
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