Well it turns out i'm going to homecomming tommorow. It's funny because I haven't been to a school dance of any sort in at least five years. Apparently I have a date as well with this girl I know in my latin class. Her friend Nicole subtly told me that I should ask her out since she wasn't going with anyone and she wanted her friend, Amelia, (i'm probaly mispelling her name) to go to homecomming. So I figure, what the heck. The girl was hanging around with me when our Latin class went to a S.A.D.D program in the gymnasium.

She seems pretty cool.

Nicole however, i'm not sure about. She seems like a manipulator. Of course, being a manipulator is fine as long as you are using your powers for good. And if it gets me a date, hey, that qualifies, alright?

I have to memorize a speech by Bruce Sterling by halloween. It's from his speech called The Wonderful Power of Storytelling spoken at the Computer Game Developers Confrence in 1991. It starts out, "Forget trying to pass for normal..." All in all, a pretty cool speech, but I might have some trouble with it when I preform it. I got a 99 on my last one, so i'm pretty confident. Then again, the last speech was John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, and I got to be excessively angry. For this one, I must be much more subtle.

I am considering taking a brief sabattical from e2 so I can study the ways of the perl code over at perlmonks, but I haven't decided to do anything drastic yet. I was originally going to just work on perl tonight, but as it turned out I downloaded w3m and now i'm in a semi-noding spree.
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