I didn't go to school today. I had a stomach virus that cleared up around 2pm. I doubt I missed anything important at school. My only tough class is Latin.

I have recently become really intrested perlmonks because I think it is a very intresting implementation of the everything engine. I am considering a retreat into perlmonks to learn perl and study their mysterious ways. The most intresting thing about perlmonks is the fact that it comes much closer to accomplishing it's goal than e2 does. Part of this stems from the fact that perlmonks goal is simply to publish vast amounts of information about perl. Just perl. Where as everything2 ends up attempting to become an encyclopedia but fails, it seems that e2 may be catering to the lowest common demoniator and everyone else just sort of removes themselves from e2 over time. I mean look at the vast array of information we have amassed on pornography. Well, this is just a brief thought, I just don't think e2 is moving in the right direction guys, surely we can be more than a collection of diaries, jokes, and erotica.

everything is what you make of it, young noders