Today: Four seasons past a cold September, we rapidly approach the possible end of the world.

A cargo tanker is being search/seiged in Florida.

It has a suspicious container.

Gas stations in the D.C. area are putting up tarps in front of their service areas, to protect against Sniper(s)

High School sports teams in the area are road tripping elsewhere.

McCain prepares for his appearance on Saturday Night Live, thereby missing a vote on defense spending. BE FOREWARNED: The congress has operated without the president, but the president has not operated without the congress.

Wars they just rage on and on.
Peace is just a dream too long.
Don't look too far ahead for it.

Temporary cessation of violence in the Ivory Coast.
Recent terrorist attacks in Bali (night clubs), Phillipines (bus).
Israel: 6 killed 60 wounded, today. Doesn't anyone think it's odd that the Palestinians live in "refugee camps" while the Israeli's are urbanites?
Afghan conflict still in a period of relative quiet.
Iraq is not yet under seige.
We haven't heard anything about Chechnya in too long for it to be true.
North Korea has been trying to build nukes while we've been giving them money so they wouldn't.
The congressmen left to perpetuate their own existences before passing money for homeland security. (Never trust a promise till it comes true.)
The CIA says it feels just like September 10th, threat wise.

Just another day at the end of history. I suppose we're always standing at the end, aren't we?