The graphic on CNN reads:

Four seasons past a dark september,
Armageddon awakened.

Shellshock rapidly approaching in five, four, three, two, one....PEOPLEAREGETTINGPISSED

For you poor future generations who don't have a six month recall to remember what shit i'm talking about, some guy (possibly two) with a high loaded rifle and a white van has been driving in and around the District of Columbia and shooting people in the face from hundreds of yards away and driving off. He's shot ten people in ten days, and the best bead the cops have on him is the fact that he's driving the white van and using a high powered rifle. Of course, he also left a note scribbled on a Tarot card where he claims to be God, if that helps you.

The murders in and of themselves aren't as frightening as the motivations behind them. The murders are completely random and take place for what may be the most henious of circumstances. In all honesty I think that the killers just hate people and got it in their heads to kill as many people as they could, having rejected society at large and the concept that people have value. Thats societies new low for you.