Shanoyu amused and entertained with Corn Dog spores of Joy.

I recieved my mixtape from Templeton today. At first my mom had seen it in its package with no return adress save Templeton's name in a brown wrapper from New Orleans, adressed to me as Shanoyu. To someone who was not expecting the package such as my mother this could mean only one thing. Anthrax. However after I convinced my mother (who works at emory/cdc and should know better) that it was most likely not Anthrax unless Templeton likes that band, I opened the package which had the mixtape, marked "Corn Dog mix for Shanoyooo!" with the tape labeled "Corny, Sweet, with just enough meat."

A little Anthrax between friends brightens my day, espically when its not really Anthrax but musical mystery and mayhem.

I met my step-sister last night. I have nothing nice to say about the encounter. In a nutshell I felt she judged me, which pissed me off.