A 4th person has been infected with Anthrax. This one in New York. Anthrax, which is easy to get, really. (You can order it if you know how), was sent to a correspondent on NBC. She now has cutaneous anthrax.


Congress is in the process of overwhelmingly approving sweeping powers increasing the power of Law Enforcement. These acts are similar to the good old Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 in that while they may be appropriate during a war, they provide sweeping powers to the executive. This is probably a violation of the separation of powers clause since the laws do not deliniate in what instances the powers of law enforcement are extended, rather allowing them to determine by themselves what situations warrant them reducing the rights granted to citizens by the 4th amendment. Like the Alien and Sedition laws, they also contain a so called "Sunset Provision", that is after 5 years the laws expire and must be re-approved by congress. Unlike the Alien and Sedition acts they are not created to preserve the union from foreign invasion during a conventional war, but during a more abstract "War on Terrorism" with no clearly defined end, (Although they do have a clear origin in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, unlike a war against france, which never began.)
Personally I am a little alarmed by these laws, however I don't believe they will immediately cause any sweeping problems. The fact that this gives the power to the executive Branch (i.e. CIA, FBI, etc.) some of the power that should really belong to congress under the Separation of Powers Clause in the constitution worries me. (i.e. they could enumerate specific instances in which the powers they grant were given.)


The United States continued the bombing of Afghanistan today. As far as can be assertained from news media reports within the U.S. , the attacks are targeted against military objectives as opposed to a more sweeping carpet bombing which could harm refugees. Afghanistan's Anti-Taliban Northern Alliance has not obviously begun a sweeping offensive as of yet. The Taliban has claimed it will burn Foreign assistance to the Refugees which is being air dropped.