Life sucks.

I wake up, I go to school, I get home, I study, I am too tired to do anything but use my votes for the day. I sleep.

I got a 60 on my Latin Grammar test yesterday. Thats out of a hundred. I feel like a moron. I should have done better on the test. I was too tired to pass it. I decided that villam was accusative plural (as opposed to accusative singular). Will I ever be competent enough to get all the answers I know? On the upside I can improve my grade to an 85 by getting a new bookcover. I'm improving my test grade by doing a pass/fail assignment, sigh.

Everything I do pisses people off. Everything. When I balled up my paper my Latin teacher instantly made some general remark about how if you ball up your paper that you're an idiot espically after shes circled the answers for you.

The very next period I got a death threat from some short black girl named Tanisha who doesn't like me at all. Her friends convinced her that I probaly have a gun because I wear a trenchcoat, however. So i'm safe. Basically she was pissed off at me with everyone else in the room because I said dammit or something during a presentation that none of them understood because it was about something none of them cared about or could understand what I was saying. (To understand me you must have a fairly average vocabulary which today included words like 'disenfranchisement' and 'esoteric'.) When my english teacher told me not to curse. (dammit is not a curse word, but who gives a fuck?) I figured I might as well quit while I was ahead and said "Aw there goes the point." and sat down, because everything in the story up till that point had rhymed. ("My name is Scalia! Not Sca-li-la, Dammit!") Of course, at least seven or eight of the troglodytes had to have an opinion and be like "Oh he just wants to curse at us." because they weren't intelligent to infer that there might be puns involved with a story that rhymes. "Fuck all of you." I said out loud. I hate idiots, I should have explained the fact that they were idiots to them, but they probaly couldn't have figured it out if I said it syllable by syllable.

Thats the last time I do an unforced presentation in class. I need to learn that no one gives a fuck. Of course that probaly applies to this daylog. Abrupt stop.