I recieved my SAT II scores in the mail today.

US History: 800
Writing: 680
Math Level IC: 690

I landed no where near where I had hoped for math and writing, but sometimes things just don't go your way. I am celebrating thanksgiving break by sleeping and writing college application essays. The colleges I am applying to are very competitive. Yale, Princeton, Cornell, University of Chicago, University of Virginia, Georgetown, University of Georgia. Only the University of Georgia is guaranteed. The largest obstacle between me and Yale, that wonderful place in Connecticut, is my absence from school. Thus, I am going through the painful process of rehashing everything for my 1A letter which asks, "If you have been suspended from school for any duration or absent from school for a prolonged period of time, please explain on a seprate sheet of paper."

I'll spend the rest of thanksgiving filling out forms, learning about chemistry, government, and calculus, and preparing for my last ditch effort to score in the 1500+ range on the SAT I. Joy, joy.