This is the Future and the Future Sucks.

I've been studying AP US History lately and it's reminded me of how the scars of history seem to last forever. Immutable laws governing the way people react to one another based on the reputation of their fathers.

The United States and Mexico still have poisoned relations after good old President Polk's war. American Blood was spilled on American soil. It just wasn't (undisputed) american soil when it happened. This seemed to fade away over the past hundred and fifty years or so, only to be revived in force by our dicking around with NAFTA and deciding to ignore a solemn treaty of the senate through an appropriations commitee. (Mexican Trucks are scary!)

I live with the legacy of the Civil War every day. I live in Atlanta. I go to high school. One day I was driving through southeast dekalb on Marta. I was the only white guy on the bus. However I was a white guy, who happened to be a teenager, wearing a trenchcoat. One black lady said to another in an agitated and excited manner. "Watch out ya'll, hes gonna mug us!" As most black people know, all of us evil white folk are out to bring back the days before the civil rights reforms. We're all closet racists. As most white people know, all them black folk are out to get revenge for slavery in one stupid assed conspiracy theory after another. The white people who don't agree with that are of course afaraid that something they say will be construed as offensive to black people.


I don't care anymore. I don't care if my presence offends you. I don't care if you think i'm some closet racist. I don't care if you think i'm just aggrivating things. I'm too arrogant to be a pussy foot, and i'm too apathetic to be loyal to some cause that killed itself. I've already been excommunicated from one Unitarian church. (Or should I say political party?) If god has forsaken me, why the hell should I care about you? Everyday I meet someone, and its up to them if they want to associate with me or not. If they don't, thats fine. Screw them. If they do, cool. As far as i'm concerned it has nothing to do with race.