Concidently Neal Boortz is also often pointed to as the force behing making Georgia as close to a Libertarian stronghold as possible. In the 2000 US presidential elections, Libertarian Party Candidate Harry Browne recieved 1% of the vote, and kept it close enough in Georgia to make the state too close to call for over 5 minutes, which was unheard of as Georgia is really a Republican stronghold.

=============(Popular Vote)===================
CALIFORNIA - 40,263 (Nil Percent of State)
GEORGIA    - 32,221 (1% of state)

His website is and he keeps his program notes every day at

He also often refers to himself rather holier than thou (not because hes a libertarian but because hes a talk radio host) as "The High Priest of the Church of the Painful Truth", he also paid the tuition for a girl in Georgia to go to private school who was expelled under a Zero Tolerance policy for having a Tweety Bird Keychain.

One of my favorite Boortz quotes is "You know, I should do this 24 hours a day, with the right kind of drugs I could do that."