I had a very unmemorable weekend.

I took marta to Lenox Mall in Atlanta, which is pronounced the same as 'linux', which is why people from atlanta are prone to call linux "Li-knucks" for the pourposes of telling one apart from the other.

On the subway, I was only confronted by one prostitute. I believe she was a transexual. She said to me, "You're pretty." I said thanks, and walked the other way, waiting for the train to take me to Five Points Station, where I could catch a train northward, towards Lenox.

When I got to Lenox I realised that I didn't have any cash. I asked a man at the Electronics Boutique about Legend of Mana, and he got way too agressive, trying to sell a pre-order to me. Telling me that I could buy Legend of Mana by merely trading in six used games. He was a fast talker, a smooth sailing negro on the path of self justifcation. Irking out a living selling video games and believing all the while that not only was the customer wrong but that he actually cared in the first place. Go figure.

I also saw mission impossible 2, which had the worst dialogue ever but some of the best crazy mad John Woo Action sequences i've seen in my lifetime, with the trademark two gun salute Tom Cruise gives the Blue Meanies, although I must admit, Vin Raymes gives a rather strong preformance, even though I can't spell his name correctly most of the time.