Man, i'm dead tired.

In medievia I finished the Thief class and trained my Dexterity to the natural maximum of 18, but you don't care about that.

I saw Matt Lauer do this stupid interview, and I don't really want to talk about it here, but lets just say that it's why I'm never watching the Today Show Again. Katie Couric sucks too.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation suggested to the Arkansas supreme court that Bill Clinton be Disbarred for his at best misleading comments in the Monica Lewinsky matters. The Court saw fit to appoint the Arkansas Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee to file an investigation, which at it's recent conclusion agreed with the S.E.L.F. I don't really have anything special or very artsy to say today, but lets just say i'm not feeling too gay. Maybe i'll have a dream that will be more worthy of your time.