With Regards to E2-Gods-being-(insert-angry-adjective)-of-the-day:

Who cares?

Ultimately if you node you must accept the fact that in 'noding for the ages' ninty nine point nine percent of everything you write will be destroyed at some point anyway. Sometimes the wrong tenth of a percent gets nuked. Thats life. Eventually someone will decide that E2 really isn't a suitable medium for an in depth study of whatever or whatnot and start their own. Thats also life, shit happens. In medievia I have often heard the phrase, "it's just text", and thats essentially correct here. You aren't looking at the knowledge of the ancients, or the sum of all mathematical discourse, or what have you. Just text, sorry. Any idea you make from text is your own, and if you node for any reason outside personal enrichment and enjoyment, as in some idea that you will somehow become "famous" or that one of your aged writings will be set down as the 'gospel', then you are probably wasting your time.

Everyone here comes from different backgrounds, places, and the like. To think that more than ten or twenty people will actually read (or rarer; care about) something you write here in the course of a year is usually a silly notion. If you haven't developed friendships and connections with people here, then its unlikely that anyone cares. E2's nature is social. You will get constructive criticism from people who know you, rude (usually worthless) criticism from those who don't, and with few exceptions. Of course there are those exceptions, but if you truely care about something you write, keep your own copy.