I seem have contracted nodeblock from DMan.

The past few days i've been using Udon Noodles to make Shanoyu Style Tabasco Udon Noodles, which includes amongst other things, Mushrooms, Udon Noodles, Tabasco, and Chicken Broth. I tried to make the recipe very flexible when I assimilated it into e2, however, this may have resulted in the deaths of many aspiring Titanium Chefs. I apologise for my sins.

I have many things to node but I am slowly finding myself too incompetent to write about such things. I imagine much of this has already been done, but here is my list.

Huey Long - The Dictator America Almost Had (sp?)
The Presidental Debates, A Treatise on Representation - Are we truely a Two party Democracy in the US?
Death - Life.
Tobacco Abuse - Resp. DMan.
Fireproofing your house
Objective Journalism
Subjective Journalism
Attorney-Client Privledge
Secret of Mana Style Play
Minors - What Defines a child?
cat - linux d00dz
Interpreted Language - You know, like Perl
Why I hate Technical Writing about Code
Hays Code - Why Jack Valenti is not a bad guy.