Well, the shit hit the fan.
So shut up about DMan.
You've discovered a non-existant Plan.

Your paranoia's quite confusin'
So step up and take your choosin'
'Cause either way you're losin'

So Go ahead, act deaf and stupid!

Doesn't hurt me, you moronic goon.
It doesn't matter what you do, you're just a loon.

Yeah, thats right, I've cool'ed nothing but DMan for the last 20 times! Once upon a time, Shanoyu Ching!ed people who weren't DMan, but that time past! It's a conspiracy!

*Pause, laughter*

Either way, Wharfinger is offically written off in my book. People who don't actually read what someone else has written before they respond are worthless, sorry. It's like talking to a wall! He asks questions and makes accusations of things i've already responded to, it's quite funny.

The basic jist of the entire DMan thing is that I haven't been noding much (due to Legend of Mana) so i've only been reading/cooling DMan's nodes, (With the wonderful features of e2 mailings.) Now, since I've only cool!'ed DMan's stuff, In Wharfinger's book, this makes me a bootlicker!!!!!

boo frigging hoo

Sorry son, but I don't play with those reindeer. Am I a 'bootlicker' as Wharfinger put it because I enjoy DMan's nodes? Is it because I don't join in berating DMan? Because I don't disagree with some of his issues? I think you should stop spreading the word around like butter, the word means nothing and has no value whatsoever due to it's overuse and misuse towards friends of people that other people don't like. It's the overly simplistic axiom of "the friend of my enemy is my enemy, therefore enemy of my enemy is my friend" being used against me here.

He also called my explanation 'boring' and 'babbling', and said it was, if I remember correctly, 'incessant whining'.

Well, it's not ment to be entertaining. It's an explanation. The creation of the nodes first write-up warranted the explanation. If you didn't want an explaination go whine to team Jet-Poop for attempting to defend e2 from a perceived threat.

Then he nitpicks and whines about how I bolded my comments, due to the nature of my writeup, this was the convention called for. When you read an faq, alot of times, there will be a question, then the answers will be in bold. The same convention is used in the same way with magazine interviews.

And for the record, I have never, and I never will call 'cooling' a 'Ching!'.

And thats pretty much what I can recall for today's daylogs. The daylogs are frustrating to me because they always close before the day (in est, anyway) is over. It seems like since they are logs (You know, as in Diary) the daylog on the front page should always be for yesterday as opposed to today.