I have long believed that if you're going to quit something, I mean really quit something, you should take at least a year off from it before you do (and thereby make a big long post about quitting, burn a lot of bridges, and come back two days later). So I updated the Homenode with the long goodbye. Sorry for the formating; it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Is there anyone around who still remembers who I am? Ah, well, that's the problem with leaving way way later. So I joined everything six years ago. Do you know how old I was six years ago? Fourteen.

Pretend today is the day I grew up and became a man. I've had my bah-mitsvah and i've ritually circumsized E2 now that it's outlived it's use in the birthing process.

I write a lot in there, and i'm going to reiterate some of it here, because I want to make sure the right people hear it.

I obviously haven't been exactly UP on whats been UP around here recently, but i'll throw a few shoutouts. If anyone is gone for a reason I should be informed about, drop a message, preferably via the email or the aim

a:Shanoyum / e:shanoyu (at) uga educational

Jessicapierce - Are you still here? You always made me feel old because you were so young at heart.
dem_bones - Be wary of him for he etc.; You're still pipe linker #1 in my book. You are the blood that keeps the beast alive; this isn't a bad thing.
metacognizant - Egads, things didn't quite work out with the hole mentoring thing, did they? Sorry, thanks for the mixtape though.
Templeton - Muscles are nothing to be ashamed of. If anyone tells you otherwise, hit them. It might fix their eyesight for the purposes of realizing your hawt factor. Also, your mixtape was goddamn awesome.
Saige - Oh man. You are the template for some of my favorite people. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better. I realize i'm writing a testimonial to someone who has probably left before me, but that's ok, you deserve it.
Dannye - Egads. Keep the faith dude.

Anyway i'd better not make my list any longer unless I offend the one person I know whos still around; that'd be teh suc. I'll try to pop in on IRC now and then or something, and yeah i'm always on AIM, so those of you in the know can keep in the hollah.

Peace, keep it real.

-Shanoyu, noder, 1998-2004.