It's 2:18 in the morning, and I should be sleeping. Luckily I subscribe to the opinion that a gentleman is free to do whatever he chooses... so long as he does it in style. I'm reading a book by Micheal Shaara called The Killer Angels. A very lucid and readable book about the battle of Gettysburg. It is probably the best novel about the civil war itself ever written. Certainly amongst those that claim historical accuracy.

It is time to start prepping for the AP US History exam, so I should probably start noding everything I know about U.S. History in order to prepare. Quite a lot to be written on the subject. As i've studied it i've gained a certain respect for the nation. A certain pride in being a part of this secular religion, this idea that somehow, in this nation, everything will turn out for the best. In part because of faith in our governments machinations, eternally checking itself and slowly but surely doing what it can and ought to do. Whether that be to end slavery through the Civil War, or to get America out of hell in the form of The New Deal, the nation seems to have a habit of making everything turn out for the best, in the end at least. Sure, maybe soon we're going down like the Romans, but if we are, then in classic American fashion, we'll go out with style.

Later today I have to visit le shrink. We never seem to talk about anything worthwhile, mostly just sports and how the falcons suck and why we can't stand the mediocre nature of College Football. Shrinks are getting very popular, ever since 9/11, or so the folks on NPR would have me believe. After I get away from the shrink i'll hustle home to play a rousing series of battles in Soul Calibur and Chu Chu Rockets with my friend, Ben, who bought me a dreamcast controller for Christmas. I really must get some more games for it. Grand Theft Auto 2 would be a nice addition to my library of (3) games.

I eagerly await my mother getting me my cashiers check from my fathers inheritence. A paltry sum so far as inheritances go, to be sure. $2,000. But I think Grandpa would want me to have a Playstation 2 or a computer. However what he really wants is for me to join the marines, or so it would seem. It seems he inquired to the marines about recuitment for me, and thus they sent me some literature. Sorry grandpa, I know my limitations. USAF is where its at for me.

It's not so much that I don't think I could be a marine if I had the gumption to prepare for that sort of thing, it's the fact that I have a very strong urge to drop bombs on people. It's simply my style to wave down at the enemy at the ground and drop a daisycutter on their cute little heads with chalk markings that state simply, "If you can read this, you're fucked!" Ah, the vulgarities we permit toward the enemy. Hopefully we wont end up in WWIII because of this conflict we are having with Afghanistan. But if we do, so be it, providence will have then ordained that we defeat (read: kill) as many as possible to preserve that secular religion, that american ideal, Liberty at any cost.