Yes Sir, I am the Longstreet to your Lee. I encourage him.

Another soldier bites the dust in Talamius, leaving our humble fold over his dispute with Poerca & Co. and Talamius' accusations that the Silent Watchers are in fact an outgrowth of Fate. The leadership grows smaller, I regret having told Silverion that I wanted to leave, because as time passes I become more valuable to him, simply by attrition.

Recuiting for an army in any video game is a difficult task and I wish I was better at it, since fellow soldiers are what make the game go round. Lee, excuse me, Silverion, has seemed to all but stop recuiting, making the efforts of myself the apparent largest.

I wonder why I continue on, and I wonder rather often. I must admit to having a large desire to destroy the Outlaws of the Fallen Empire, as well as the Legends of the Lost Empire, simply because I hold a grudge against the godparents of those clans, Evil Empire and Holy Empire. I cannot leave until the Empire has fallen. For Republic, not empire, one might say, or so Pat Buchanan has said.

I must make a more concerted effort to build the Syndicate up to its former glory if it is to ever reach such a point. It seems i'll have to build an army from scratch. So bothersome. Alas the task before us must always be completed if we are to destroy our enemies.

I miss the gold old days, when you could just use soy.

But as they say those days are dead and gone. The way I see it there are several paths to ascension. The most obvious yet longest and most troublesome path is that of recuiting new players and building them into good players from scratch. This requires skills that need development on my part. The more direct, least troublesome, most difficult path is that of stealing from the other armies. Alas this too is difficult, espically when you are looking for loyalty. But, I am the longstreet to his lee, and as the old soldier says, there is nothing so much like god on earth than a General on the Battlefield, and I am far too loyal to give up. I loathe my loyalty, for it will be my downfall, yet I could not possibly live without it.