Achan is a genuis. Anywhodewhatsit.

Tommorow I have a test in Latin II, and AP US History (The Guilded Age). And it looks like i'll have to choose between bombing one or the other.

Latin is a very difficult subject not because the material itself is difficult, but because there is nothing from which to study excepting the teacher, in most high school courses. In order to rectify this, I purchased, for myself, a copy of Wheelock's Latin, a college level textbook from which one could teach himself latin if he so chose. However, since magistra does not teach from Wheelock's Latin, it is not a proper study aid the night before the test.


20 percent comprehension of story
10 percent grammar
30 percent derivitives (yay!)
6 percent choose the correct verb ending for the pronoun
10 percent culture questions
5 percent choosing the correct ending for the noun in the sentence (And no, I do not know how to study for that one)
4 percent quod - which or because?
5 percent relative pronoun, choose the correct antecedent!
5 percent Questions with -ne -nonne -num
5 percent characters from stage 15 - know about boat colors!

If it were not for the fact that I really need to maintain the 4.0 gpa (over the past 1.5 years... cumulative the gpa is 2.5 :P) I would probably not be sweating this test.

Anyway the point is, we have a database at our disposal, we need more and better Latin nodes, (and nodes of other languages for that matter) and i'll help in such an attack on public education once I get my own crap togeather, regarding latin.