Imperfect prose for perusal, created at random.

I have things to say
But I don't have anything to say
That hasn't been said before
Maybe I have to say what you think i'll say
Because then we can just go along with the script
And go our seprate ways.

I have things to say
But I can't say them, so i'll write them down
And quietly hand you a note
So you can throw it in the trash, with me.

I have things to say
But we can't listen to each other
Because when we listen to each other we both shut up.

I have things to say
Because i'm imperfect and wavering
And I want to understand what happened

I have things to say
But you don't know, because i'm afaraid to say.

And when I talk you make excuses for not listening
Because you don't need an excuse; You just don't want to listen
And i've given up on you, but I can't get over you
Because i've given up on a lot of things
But I haven't forgotten them.