My recent absence from e2 has been caused by one, violent, horrible, awful _thing_.

Medievia, thats right, Mudding. I am playing a character other than my normal apply-to-all nickname of Shanoyu, using the sacreligious name of Cuxuit.

I finally Got into the fourth class last night, second character i've gotten to three classes but this is the first that i've gotten to the last class.

Name: Cuxuit
Clan: Dark Syndicate (98)
Class: Warrior (CMT)
Level: 12 (105)
Sex: Male
Alignment: -806
Eggs: 0 

Happy happy joy joy!
I guess now I need to re-equip myself though.. Blarg.

Anyway with the advent of me mudding again i'm going to have to not be noding as much, so to apologise i'll node walkthrus of med zones, and if you have a problem with it then you can just um, make me feel bad.. sniff. Look for medievia newbie zone walkthrus comming soon. :P

Anyway not much content in this daylog but I thought i'd let you guys know where i've been.