The date itself is so unprolific. January 2nd. It is the end of the beginning. Nothing.

The war rages on (quietly). The search for Usama Bin Laden continues. The president continues to break records for approval ratings. We are the Hegemons, we are driving down your throat.

The best and the Brightest of a generation have risen again, and this time they will not be denied, or so it seems.

In Atlanta, we prepare for the snowstorm. It only took the place till January to realise it was winter. I am becomming scared for myself. I have developed a system whereby I can watch TV and use the computer at the same time. The crux of the system is the fact that the reflection from the TV is shown in my monitor. Thus allowing me to see the TV fairly clearly right within my monitor. But I think I am getting mirror lag.

Is this war a tune up war, a warning of dangers to come? The veterans of the Mexican War faught the Civil War. The Spanish Civil War was helped along by the Third Reich.

I miss the cold war. The world was mythical.

There were two empires. Each with the wrath of God, if not the favor of god on their side. They fear each other, and Armageddon is a given eventuality. They seek the favor of the meek, for they shall save the world. The Cold war raged.