Yeah high school sucks.

So i'll have all the credits I need to graduate at the end of next year except electives. Because of electives it is becomming increasingly likely that i'll have to spend an extra year in highschool taking really stupid classes like Home Economics or Creative Writing. This isn't to say those classes don't have value. Just that I don't think it should keep me from graduating until i'm twenty.

The joy of being a super senior. The joy of being an assumed idiot. Okay so I need 30 credits to graduate. Last semester I got 4 which pushes me up to 15. This means I need 15 more. Adding 4 credits this semester and 8 credits next semester leaves me with 3 credits that I still need. So I need to find some way to go to Night School across town every night so I can take something like Home Economics or Creative Writing. This is more frustrating because I do not have a car. Summer school? I can take 1 credit. Furthermore it doesn't look like i'll be able to take the pre-cal credit I need to take AP Calculus. Sigh. But, if I swear off sleep for a year or so, well, anything is possible I guess.

I asked the three lit teachers i've had over the past few semesters for AP Literature recommendations, all of them agreed to give them although in the bureaucratic tangle it seems unlikely that all three will reach their destinations simply due to the law of averages. This isn't to say they're stupid or anything, just that I don't trust the school system. Government schools. I had to be removed from Photography A today so I can take Remedial Citizenship/Economics. A class that can literally be reduced into three hours. I don't really see how I could get a 97 in AP US History without knowing anything about citizenship but hey, thats the way life is. Maybe I can convince the teacher to let me teach the class. It would at least keep things intresting. I'm so sick of classes that turn into study halls. Thats not to say they don't have merit. Just not for me. I learned a lot of this remedial nonsense in the day to day course of actually living.

J. Martinson, valedictorian, School of Hard Knocks (But You never really leave, do you?)

So here is how things are shaping up. I need one more science credit, so physics is where thats at. I need to be slapped so i'm going to try to take AP Calculus (thanks to the counties sequencing system I have to take pre-cal, its just that the class isn't really offered to most people who need to make up credits in high school. I've entered the odd position of needing credits to take good classes that I can't get because nobody else needs them.)

Well here is my plan.

One handful of faith (in myself)
One dose of talent
A dash of experience (thanks, life!)
A sprinkling of luck
A wellspring of strength

And its off to Harvard.

(Oops, forgot confidence.)