A note on naming conventions:

It should be noted that the French and Indian war is really a bad, bad name for this war. First of all, the name makes it sound like the French were fighting the Indians, which is a matter for instructors to deal with. Secondly, the upshot (as per American History) of any war up to the one we are talking about was that the colonists would get to fight the French and the Indians, as in three wars previous as part of a larger global conflict. (War of the League of Augsburg 1689-1697, War of Spanish Succession 1702-1713, War of Austrian Succession 1744-1748) It is also called the Seven Years War, which is problematic and confusing, because it lasted nine years, although as a global conflict it did last only 7 years because North America got a 2 year head start. This war is generally referred to by people in 'The business' (called Historians) as "The Great War for Empire".