Concidentally the next palendrome is 02022020, February 2nd two thousand twenty, not in the twenty second century. It's a difficult math problem because there is no way to verify that your answer is correct except by interpolation, that is finding within your own results.

Anywho, got progress reports today. I don't know why they make me get them signed. I'm eighteen. I can see my mom saying to me, "Thats nice, what, you want a cookie?". 97's each in Latin and economics, 99 in AP us history, 99 in Chemistry. The AP one is the only one to be proud of. Should have had a 100 but I completely fucked up (er, that is to say, I missed 4 out of 50) a unit test. Ah well. Theres still time to make things prettier.

I'm going to perimeter college over the summer (hopefully) to make up 3 credits to graduate at the end of next year, a year late. I'll be taking pre-cal and hopefully two other classes that are within my ability. Beginning fencing is apparently an option. Maybe I can take typing!

I am slowly but surely becomming sure of myself. Took long enough. Today I am studying latin while 'playing' progress quest.

Can I just take a moment to say that the Latin language is bizzare? The utter nonsense that it requires you to use for sentance structure is a pretty good reason in and of itself for the fall of the Roman empire. I also turned in my essay on Racism for an essay contest, I doubt that will turn out well, just because its, you know, clearly racist to give a white person an award for writing about racism. Then again maybe I underestimate the fears of the judges. Nevertheless it was a good essay and i'll be happy losing knowing that my best effort was put forth. I credit e2 with having improved my grammatical and writing ability a great deal.

I imagine that in the next 10 to 20 years or so, we'll be seeing a lot of noders end up in writing, publishing, speechwriting and the like, simply because it may easily be the most effective and engrossing exercise for improving ones writing out there.

The problem with women is the way you act around them because they are women. I figured this out today. It came to me after Ben told me that 'fun' is not an adjective and the odd phrase "Education is the death of language." popped into my mind.

Now, for your reading pleasure, a random sprinkling of nonsensical thoughts, with apologies to pokey the penguin:

Exploding down the mountain I left a gigantic mound of flesh lying on its golden altar for the philistines to be misled, screaming randomly about violence in a violent manner, thus making myself the center of hypocracy in CAH-NAH-DI-AH in a method of pronounciation that would make Salman Rushdie proud.