Valentines day. Hallmark day. Flowers, Candy, Cards, the lack thereof and all that rot. Good riddance. Finally over. Well, not over, but past the part where i'll have to deal with it. I don't like days which remind you that you should be in a relationship. The bubbling love between others on Valentines contrasted with your cold unyielding loneliness, the beaches exuding the sounds of spring so loudly you would think not only that it was May but that you were on a nude beach. The balloons. The damned baloons. Good riddance.

Not that you ever really made it on e2, but i'll remember you from everything I knew you from.

Rest in peace, Julie Kira Lucas. Until I see you again.
Roughly a year later now. I'd like to point out that I still feel the same way about Kira, but I don't feel so cold anymore.