Ouch. Took an AP US History test today. The Guilded Age. Document Based Question on Labor Unions during the period from 1875 to 2000 and what effect they had on the common laborer.

I would have felt a lot better about my essay had I finished the conclusion. First time I didn't manage to finish an essay. Not good. Not good at all. At least I got a sentence into the conclusion, which means I had presented all the salient facts from the period. The instructor said he'd never read an essay where the lack of a good conclusion really hurt him anyway. I think when I take the APUSH exam my major problem is going to be time management during the essay portion. What time is it? Time to get a watch. I may have failed to introduce one of the documents, however it wasn't really necessary because it didn't affect my point one way or the other. It was the head of the AFL speaking before congress in 1899 arguing for the legality and fairness of strikes. When I think about it I could have used it as a salient point to prove that strikes were not approved, however I do that fine without outside information. Theres a good chance he'll dock me for not using the document, but it agreed with what I said. I didn't need to confront it because there was nothing in the document which conflicted with my point.

Still, I really wanted to get a 9 on the essay. Oh well. The Guilded Age wont kill me on the apush exam anyway. If I really need to I can come back to it in march. I probably did better than most people who wrote essays anyway, seeing as only a few people finished.