Joke: If not for the Medical Marijuana I take, the war on drugs would make me vomit.

Seriously though, british atrocities against the chinese aside, is it anyones buisness but my own if I want to blow out my own heart with crack? Granted, I don't support the use of these drugs, but I support anyones right to use them. If people have a fear of being persecuted by the government for using drugs then they will never have the opportunity to seek treatment. Drugs would be alot safer (in more ways than one) if they were legalized and regulated by the FDA.

The crack wars would be pointless, they would turn into price and quality wars with signifigantly weakened drugs, distributing it to minors would be still a crime and the truely evil drug runners would still be punished, The civil wars raging in columbia and latin america would end because of a lack of funds for the rebels, (who use cocaine to fund it.)

Of course, there would always be various addicts hanging around whether it was legal or not. The proliferation of such things would indeed be a detriment to america, but only to drug addicts who became addicted willingly. No one is going That was trick gum, now you're addicted to crack! Sure, it's sad that thousands of americans might willingly blow out their heart on crack, but it isn't my buisness if they do. (Of course, this doesn't mean that private citizens shouldn't be allowed to intervene in the drug abuse of their friends and relatives, or that private corporations shouldn't be allowed to do drug testing to fire people who test positive for certain drugs.) If the public wants to stop drug use they can do it thru boycotts and private means. It's not the responsibility of government to stop consensual and victimless crimes.