Today I probably failed a DBQ. As I read the documents aimlessly and begain constructing some modicum of an outline, (The Question was "Jacksonian Democrats percieved themselves to be the defenders of the Constitution, promoters of Individual Liberty, economic oppourtunity, and blah blah something I forget. In light of these documents from the 1820's and 1830's, assess the accuracy of how Jacksonian Democrats percieved themselves.) Good old Chris O'Hare from 11 Alive News (an Atlanta News Channel) came in to interview our class about John Ashcroft and his Military Tribunals. So for about 20 minutes my DBQ is halted by Local News Dude. As Always Angela Lane is the one who ends up on TV/Newspaper/Whatever whoever comes in to interview our class works for. My comments were not nice to John Ashcroft, because he seems to me to be attempting to become the dominant center of the nations Political Universe. Of course it also does not help that I studder in front of cameras at times.

I don't remember what my response to the DBQ was but I do recall that it was awful. Tommorow is Friday. Maybe something good will happen to me tommorow. Fridays are good. I find that the longer I remain in high school, the quality of my writing declines. Maybe I am just getting stupid. Maybe I always was stupid but I am just now realising it. I hate freshmen. I have a class in school with people who are 3 years younger than I am. There is a vast psychological difference between someone who is 18 and someone who is 13. I have the highest grade in most of my classes. Every class except Algebra 2.

I hate Algebra. I hate math. I hate math with a vengence. Math would be a lot easier if there was a manual. There is a textbook but textbooks always assume you know things that you do not know, at least when it comes to math. I took Algebra 1 five years ago, now I am taking Algebra 2. I hope it is no suprise to anyone that I have forgotten a good number of the rules of Algebra. However the fact that I have absolutely no clue what I am doing a good deal of the time has not dropped me below an A. At least not yet. I wonder if there are some math books I could buy to bolster my theoretical understanding of math. Like the rules and such, how you do proofs with algebra, etc. Ideally I would like to find some books that would allow me to teach myself from Algebra to calculus and to understand it to a high degree, however this seems unlikely. Mathematical literacy is perhaps not ment for a gentleman like myself.

I am going insane. Slowly, but surely. At times it seems I lose the ability to operate coherently. Perhaps I am developing Brain Cancer. There was once a day when my writing was at least pleasing to me but now it seems that everything I do in my day to day existence is an exercise in tedium.

Even the things I do to enjoy myself are tedious. I am clearly nuts. In Earth 2025 I am ranked 13th in my tournament game, however I am about 100,000 networth behind #1, who has the oddly named country, "First time in tournament."

I do not like Utopia. I can only play once a day and every time I log on someone has invaded and there is nothing I can do but rebuild. When I rebuild someone else has attacked me, I log on, and there is nothing I can do except rebuild. This continues continuously and it has become increasingly tedious and soon I think I will delete since the entire game is so silly.

I need to get back to playing medievia because that is the game that I always enjoyed even when it did become tedious. At least I was tediously enjoying myself. It can be a very fun game. There are many people who dislike medievia because it is believed that Vryce used the diku code to make medievia and that he used it in an improper manner which was specifically written against in the licence. I do not care because the licence is a silly piece of shit which states, amonst other things, that you cannot charge money for the disk the code is on. This is of course ridiculious because I cannot for instance, write a licence in this writeup which says that e2 cannot accept donations just because I wrote this here. This is more or less the argument with a few distinctions.

The idiots who say that from just remind me how much I hate people. People suck. Yes. Well now I have rambled for quite some time, and as it happens it happens that I am sick. Thus my rambling is even more rambily than usual. Is Rambily a word? I know not. I hope that I am not going insane. Have a nice day, thank you.