Never a day for cowards.

I had to work through some issues (as you may see in my past daylogs, heh!). I find sometimes that thinking is fighting, and that it is fighting for your life, or at least your will to live. As the sage once said, "The brain still talks, but the will to live is dead." However, I have succeded in maintaining my will to live. I forget exactly how, and i'm still disenfranchised with the gigantic waste that is high school, but for the most part I think i'm just going to enjoy what I can and ignore the rest.

I'm writing a long position paper on the topic: Was the Early Supreme Court Anti-Democratic? At the moment it appears that I am going to need a three page preface and introduction which will set up a rather complex dichotomy, due to the nature of the phases of the court, the three major eras through which the early court progressed, and so forth. However, I have learned one thing that I will never forget throught his paper.

I don't care if hes dead, I still want to impeach Chief Justice Ellsworth.