School is intresting in that if you are smart enough you have days in school where you essentially don't do anything at all. I went to Latin class where we filled out some worksheets by transferring the conjugations from a worksheet to the paper, then I went to english class where we went over how to cite resources. It was like sleeping with my eyes open. In my third period we did a stupid little project about Waves in which it was ment to be a great revelation that waves in the ocean and in sound generally transfer kinetic energy and not matter itself. Now I am sitting here in fourth period doing nothing because my Social Studies teacher, (Well, thats a stretch, hes not exactly enabled to teach the class much of anything due to the fact that it is technically a test preparation course for the Georgia High School Graduation Test.) has skipped out and let some other coach watch us sit in the room and do nothing.

School sucks. I don't want to be here. I'm smarter than this. I'm seventeen (as of yesterday) and i'm still a stupid freshman in highschool (The result of a two year, as I like to call it, "Sabattical", the result of post traumatic stress disorder, shell shock as it were.). Why am I bothering? I can't do anything at all till i'm 18 anyway whether i'm in High school or out. Maybe I should do something thats actually worthwhile, like get a job. Bleh.