My Birthday. I am 18 years of age. My birthday is a tragic reminder of my failures and my inability to get along with people. My last party was when I was 12. My dad got me $80, my mom got me $25. I have to spend tonight working on a research paper.

Yes, I am washed up at 18. Never in my life have I felt like such a god damned worthless failure as today when my odometer moved over to 18. I think i'm going to stop telling people I have a birthday. I got three calls about my birthday. One from my girlfriend who is sort of my girlfriend but not really, one from my dad, and one from my mom who was at work. This breaks the old record of two.

I only hope to be put out of my misery soon. Thankfully the state will assist me with this by making it legal for me to buy cigarettes. No longer taunting me with the illusion that I can't get them anyway. Yes, this is indeed the worst day of my life.