I need to get things done. Here I am, noding. I have a Model UN conference tommorow. I'm the Israeli delegation leader as well as a member of the first cmte. on disarmament. I am not prepared, but I will be by 7:50 December 2nd. I have a term paper due soon on Anthem for Doomed Boys. Poetry is made for the experience. Today I have no sense, only a stream of my own consciousness dripping from the fingertips. In the future, will you consider old girlfriends as friends, girls, or just old? I don't want to go to UGA, unless it's for a Model UN conference. She wants to be my friend, she just doesn't want to be around me. I wish she still liked me. I wish we were in love. There isn't such a thing as love so that isn't really possible. What is love anyway? Oh thats right, mutual dependency! The loner she is is the loner I did not want to be, I suppose. The problem with having friends after that fact is that they broke up with you, therefore they don't want to be around you, but it cannot be like it was because of what has been. The paradox is enough to stifle the best sense in all of us. Time heals all wounds except your own and it's own. Ronald Regan will not die from a potato chip, but I plan to write a play about it. Not that I am a talented playwright, nor will I ever complete it. College applications are sitting around. I am no longer applying to Georgetown, what the hell is in Georgetown? The District of Columbia is expensive as "all get out." A pre-calculus teacher said that to me once. I wish I still remembered more Geometry, it's causing me pain on the SAT. At least it is causing me pain on the SAT I. It wasn't so problematic on the IC test. It's a real shame that I have memories. Where do memories go to forget themselves? Is it the same place they go to forget to forget? I forget how to forget myself. Memories have a tendency to pile up in your soul until nothing can escape. Maybe that is when it is time to leave our mortal coil to begin again. It's the only fresh start there is. If there is one thing I have noticed about starting it is that you can never get a fresh start. There is no way to escape yourself. Perhaps I should consider using more conventions of english. English was made to kill the Saxons. I think it worked. I could explain what I said, but then you would understand my explanation, not what I said. That line was plagarised from a poem called "Fourty-Five aphorisms and ten second essays." It was in "The Best of American Poetry, 2001", and Ploughshares too, I think. My god, 2002 is almost over. 2001 sucked, 2002 sucked, I think it is not that the year sucks but rather that the world sucks. How can we fix that most intractable of problems? The answer most people seem to be comming up with is genocide; this is probably folly. Opinions are my own, feel free to use them under the Berne convention, whatever that is. Why didn't Woodrow Wilson Wish for Weeping Widows to Will his Wisdom to reality? I am not a poet; I am not a critic. I am misery, sometimes. Today I am myself. Life is like a Dungeons and Dragons third edition character sheet. At least until you get into college. Excuse me if we're not all twinks. Please don't call the Ivy League the twink league. If it is, I want to be a twinkie! Twinkie's are tasty. Thankfully, of all the catastrophies mankind is forced to endure, a twinkie shortage is not among them. I am told "amongst" is not a word, but the grammarians, or Grammar Mavens, would know better than I. I apologise for my lack of clarity, but I cannot except my own apology; don't hold back.