I'm not sure I remember the quote just right, but it goes something like this:

"When we started I thought we were going places, Clyde, but now it seems like we're just going."
- Bonnie, Bonnie and Clyde, the movie.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about school. It is a complete and utter waste of my time, I mean, it's not like they'll ever let me graduate. (Thats what you get when you blow off 2 years of school and just don't go.) I started school about 3 weeks ago, (I am lucky enough to live in the area for the charter school with the longest year in Georgia, August to June.) and I do enjoy most of my classes, but everything I do has this sort of sense of futility to it. Had I just ignored the bullshit and the idiots in my grade and gotten over my post traumatic stress from the various things that happened to me in life, and done the stupid work, i'd be a senior in High School right about now. Unfortunately as it is i'm a 17 year old Super Sophomore. I wanted to take classes at open campus so I could hurry up and get all the stupid credits I needed. But you have to be a junior, and i'm guessing they don't offer the Freshman courses that I need.

The school i'm in wont even let me take the core classes I need to make up. We get 8 classes a year, 4 a semester, and it's against policy to let someone take more than 6 core classes. I managed to subvert policy however and get 7. So at the end of this year I should have 19 of the 32 credits required to graduate. (Thats right, at this rate, I'll graduate from high school when i'm 21.)

Summer school wasn't an option. You can only take summer school if you failed a course. I never attended them in the first place.

So my schedule for this semester goes like this
  1. 9th grade Literature
  2. Algebra 2
  3. 11th grade Literature
  4. AP US History

Next semester my schedule should involve Latin II, Marketing (worthless non core class that they shouldn't even be teaching in high school), Chemistry, and the other half of AP US History.

At this point, college seems like a fantasy that isn't going to happen to a guy like me. This is kind of depressing because for a long time, and still today really, my dream was to get into Harvard. Isn't that sad? I let the bastards grind me down.

I feel like i'm washed up at 17, and every day I wonder why god doesn't strike me down for being a worthless piece of shit.